7 Little known secrets to having an amazing relationship

So you’ve been in a relationship for a while now and thing’s are starting to get a little sour, you don’t talk as much anymore, you argue all the time, the fire has gone out with window and it could be best described as stale…

Well, if you fall into any of the above, then not to worry because we are here to help and show you how to get back your love. Rachel Wilkins reveals the 7 Secrets to having an AMAZING relationship with your partner – these 7 key things will change your relationship with your partner forever.

1. Make Love (lot’s of it)!

Let’s jump in with the GOOD stuff, as the saying goes “Those who play together, stay together.” It’s simple, if you want to maintain that healthy relationship, make your way to the bedroom with your partner. This is where you both can feel more comfortable connecting with each other on a physical level. Just like you should work out 3 times a week, you need to make it a habit to have make love at least 3 times a week, in order to stay healthy and staying closer together in the process – its a win, win situation.

2. Be Spontaneous

It is normal for couples to fall into a particular routine and then always end up repeating things over and over again, things get boring and they fizzle out! So its good to break the pattern – in a positive way- you get a burst of fresh energy into the relationship. So the next time your partner comes home from work, surprise them with a romantic homemade candle lit dinner and nice bottle of red wine – that will sure get the blood going and trust me works every time!

3. You are not BEST FRIENDS!

Well, this goes against pop culture but is extremely important. You see although it’s important to be friends with your partner. This type relationship can seriously kill your connection, as your SEX life ends up taking the back seat and you can wind up with a college room mate like bond losing any excitement you had for each other in the beginning. So save the bonding for your friends and induce some sexy energy for connecting with your partner.

4. Take-A-Break

I’m talking about seriously giving each other some space, no phone calls, no internet and just so you can enjoy yourself for a few hours… it is what I like to call it “Me Time” the point is to be selfish and just spend that time free of any distractions so you can just be you! This will also give your other half sometime to miss you, which is healthy in any burning hot relationship.

5. It works both ways!

Although you’re not always in agreement with what your other half likes it could be sports, tv series, foods and vice versa. But for you to really make things interesting and really understand things from their point of view you should try it with them. They’d be happy you’re interested and you get to understand what all the fuss is about. In the future, they’ll be there and around to enjoy yours.

6. The MAGIC of small gifts.

The best gifts are the small unexpected gifts and not the BIG one’s you open on Christmas day. Why, because it just shows them you love them. In fact, they mean a lot more than the gifts we get for Birthday’s and Christmas’ put together, because it shows them you care and the best thing is it doesn’t have to even be expensive. *A must TRY! To get back your love!*

7. Positivity

Not to be over looked by any means, any angry negative words never help any situation.
Make it a habit to speak well of your other half, appreciate each other tell them they are ‘beautiful’ compliments go a long, long way. Where as negative words can dampen even the best of relationships. Say something sweet and you might just get back your love.

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