A useful article about Rejection inspired by Rachel Wilkins

My aim was to create a Rachel Wilkin’s Your Love Guru Review and after reading the actual guide through I found some interesting things.  In the beginning relationships are generally EASY; but the real problem lies in keeping that very connection that got you both together in the first place alive. That’s why there is a growing number of couples going to therapy (whether they’re married or not) this is to pre-empt the strike against the tough times they’ll inevitably hit in the FUTURE and so they can learn how to keep the good times rolling! Now, to give you that extra push in your relationship, I am about to share with you the most crucial aspects to keeping your relationships alive and kicking to reignite the burning passion in your relationship, today!

You see, the reason many relationships breakdown is because they are waiting for the other half to ‘Change’. As bad as that sounds, it’s TRUE.  The old beggar’s belief that the other half would change and hoping the issues will just go away by themselves is extremely ineffective and ignorant. Simply because this resentment is going to build up ever more over time and if it is not addressed right way then it’s only going to put more weight on your shoulders and then one day the imminent BURST of FRUSTRATION and the Break-Up begins.

The entire experience of a sudden breakup can be EXTREMELY intense, I mean you have to understand that it’s the SHOCK of suddenly living without your partner that you have shared some of the best moments of your life with. During the time of the breakup there are going to be 101 things that remind of them, even the smallest things like ‘Take Out Night on Tuesdays”, “Breakfast in Bed” and the smell of their shampoo or even the things that used to irritate you will leave you thinking “Maybe the Break Up was a mistake?”

So if you want to STOP this from happening then you are going to need to avoid the most common mistakes that everyone makes when trying to win their relationship back. You are going to find out what not to do and how to get back together with your other half as soon as possible.

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